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Chapter 10 - De Bello Gallico 1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
De Bello Gallico 1

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Chapter 10 [Oct. 30th, 2006|01:06 pm]
De Bello Gallico 1
Caesari renuntiatur Helvetiis esse in animo per agrum Sequanorum et Haeduorum iter in Santonum fines facere, qui non longe a Tolosatium finibus absunt, quae civitas est in provincia.  Id si fieret, intellegebat magno cum periculo provinciae futurum ut homines bellicosos, populi Romani inimicos, locis patentibus maximeque frumentariis finitimos haberet.  Ob eas causas ei munitioni quam fecerat T. Labienum legatum praeficit; ipse in Italiam magnis itineribus contendit duasque ibi legiones conscribit et tres, quae circum Aquileiam hiemabant, ex hibernis educit et, qua proximum iter in ulteriorem Galliam per Alpes erat, cum his quinque legionibus ire contendit.  Ibi Ceutrones et Graioceli et Caturiges locis superioribus occupatis itinere exercitum prohibere conantur.  Compluribus his proeliis pulsis ab Ocelo, quod est citerioris provinciae extremum, in fines Vocontiorum ulterioris provinciae die septimo pervenit; inde in Allobrogum fines, ab Allobrogibus in Segusiavos exercitum ducit.  Hi sunt extra provinciam trans Rhodanum primi.

From: jacobus_magnus
2006-11-02 11:50 pm (UTC)
It was reported to Caesar [that] the Helevturnese had in mind to march through the land of the Sequanosians & Haeduians, into the territory of the Santons, not far removed from the borders/lands of the Tolosaters, which is a tribe in the province. If it should happen, he understood it would be a great danger to the province that it have [for] neighbors a warlike folk, enemies to the Romans people, the [land] areas being open/vulnerable and very fruitful. For this reason. He himself hurried by forced marches to Italy, conscripted there two legions, and three, which were wintering around Aquileia, he pulled out of winter quarters, and, since the nearest route to to furthest Gaul was through the Alps, he hurried to go with these five legions. There, the Ceutrons, Graiocels, & Caturgians, having occupied the higher ground, tried to hold back the army from the march. Pushed back by these several battles from Ocelum, which is closer to the end of the province, he arrived in the lands of the Vocontiors (the furthest of the province) on the seventh day, thence into the lands of the Allobrogers, from the Allobrogers to the Sequsiavians. These are foremost beyond the province across the Rhone.
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[User Picture]From: autumnheat
2006-11-06 03:19 am (UTC)
So, this is where we are up to in class. So I can make a few recomendations. Civitas in relation to Tolosaters is "city-state." "qua proximum iter in ulteriorem Galliam per Alpes erat, cum his quinque legionibus ire contendit"...and he hurried to go with these five legions by which way there was the nearest road through the Alps into Outer Gaul. (qua here is not the abl. part of qui quae quod but instead is "by which way") And that is really all I can improve on. Don't post the next one, I want to do it.
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