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Chapter 3 - De Bello Gallico 1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
De Bello Gallico 1

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Chapter 3 [Oct. 19th, 2006|09:21 pm]
De Bello Gallico 1


His rebus adducti et auctoritate Orgetorigis permoti constituerunt ea quae ad proficiscendum pertinerent comparare, iumentorum et carrorum quam maximum numerum coemere, sementes quam maximas facere, ut in itinere copia frumenti suppeteret, cum proximis civitatibus pacem et amicitiam confirmare. Ad eas res conficiendas biennium sibi satis esse duxerunt; in tertium annum profectionem lege confirmant. Ad eas res conficiendas Orgetorix deligitur. Is sibi legationem ad civitates suscipit. In eo itinere persuadet Castico, Catamantaloedis filio, Sequano, cuius pater regnum in Sequanis multos annos obtinuerat et a senatu populi Romani amicus appellatus erat, ut regnum in civitate sua occuparet, quod pater ante habuerit; itemque Dumnorigi Haeduo, fratri Diviciaci, qui eo tempore principatum in civitate obtinebat ac maxime plebi acceptus erat, ut idem conaretur persuadet eique filiam suam in matrimonium dat. Perfacile factu esse illis probat conata perficere, propterea quod ipse suae civitatis imperium obtenturus esset: non esse dubium quin totius Galliae plurimum Helvetii possent; se suis copiis suoque exercitu illis regna conciliaturum confirmat. Hac oratione adducti inter se fidem et ius iurandum dant et regno occupato per tres potentissimos ac firmissimos populos totius Galliae sese potiri posse sperant.

From: jacobus_magnus
2006-10-24 06:50 pm (UTC)
Induced by these things, and excited by the leadership of Orgetorix, they decided to acquire those [things] which would apply to the departure. They bought up the greatest number of mules and carts, made the greatest plantings, so that a quantity of grain would be available on the journey, established friendship & peace with nearby peoples. They concluded that 2 years [would] be enough for them to achieve these things; in the third year they ratified the departure by law. Orgetorix was delegated to accomplish these things. He undertook on his own acount** missions to other tribes. On the journey he persuaded Casticus, the son of Catamantaloedes, a Sequanian, whose father had ruled many years and had been hailed a friend by the Senate and the Roman people, that he [Casticus] might hold power in his nation, which his father formerly had possesed; likewise he convinced Dumnorix, an Haedian, (the brother of Diviciacus, who at this time held the command in the nation, and had been most approved by the people) that he should attempt the the same [thing] and give him his [Oretorix'] daughter in marriage. He showed them that it [would] be very easily to do, to accomplish the ventures, becaue he himself would gain rulership of his own nation: that there was no doubt but that the Helvetians could [do/have] the most of all Gaul; he assured them he would win the power for them with his onw troops and own army. Induced by this speech, they gave [their] word and [their] oath among themselves, and the rulership being taken by the three most powerful and hardy peoples, they hoped to be able to take power of all of Gaul.

** One text hase "ubi" here, not "sibi"
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